Eavestrough Inserts by Bearcat

Video Demonstration on installing eavestrough inserts.

In the video below you can see just how our eavestrough guards can protect your gutters while still allowing the water to flow easily through.

                Two of the most common questions we get here at Bearcat are:

  • Can the inserts handle high volumes of water?
  • Will the leaves really be blow away by the wind?

This video should answer those concerns. Here we are running a pump at 180 gallons an hour while pouring an additional 8 litres of water in ourselves. Overall this comes to over 1.5 gallons of water in 20 seconds - which would add up to 4.5 gallons a minute. Decide for yourself how our inserts handle all that 'rainfall'.

In the second half of the video we then demonstrate how easily leaves can be blown off of the roof. Having piled leaves up onto edge of the roof we then apply a little wind and they all get scattered. What's more, because no leaves get inside the gutters, you have no need to worry about blocked spouts or build ups within the eavestroughs themselves.

There's more too that you won't see from the video. For instance there's very little chance of ice damning occurring and you won't have to worry about snow damage either. Nesting birds and hornets will be a thing of the past as well, so why not make life that much easier and get us to install some inserts of your own!

Click here to watch the video!

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