Eavestrough Inserts by Bearcat


My client and I were impressed by Bearcat & Fbg Fencing teams professionalism where they did Inground Pool Demolition, great job not only in getting the project done but also leaving the property and driveway in a perfect clean state.The Bearcat team are familiar with the city by-laws and keeping neighbours undisturbed while doing a massive Pool demolition and filling project based on years of experience in the field.
I recommend Brian and his team to my clients to do this job to bring this house to a better marketable state.Also thanks for educating me on the Bearcat Eavestrough Insert just a fantastic product.

Sutton Group New Standard Realty Inc.
Ali Bekri
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Fax 905-709-0898
360 Hwy 7 east, Unit L1
Richmond Hill,Ont.

In my business it is critical to have a network of reputable contractors that I can trust and recommend.I now consider Bearcat & Fbg Fencing to be a part of my network.As a result,it is without reservation that I would recommend Bearcat to any of my friends and clients for Inground pool demolition and backfilling.
I am also confident that Brian and his team would have the same level of workmanship and professionalism for their other services:Post hole drilling,Wood fencing,Stone interlock,Tree planting,and just a awesome product the Eavestrough Inserts.

Royal Lepage Meadowtowne Realty.
Susan Lougheed
Fax 905-877-0705
324 Guelph St.

I am very pleased with the work done by Brian and his crew.The workmanship and quality of the fence he put up at our house is top quality.He also met a very tight deadline for us at the end of the season.
I highly recommend Brian to any of my friends and clients.

Your Home Today Realty
Ray Chesher
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Thank you Bearcat for installing this great product and being handicapped person, this chore is now a thing of the past as it was costing me $270.00 per year to have them troughs cleaned out so now at least I will get a return back in just a few years!

Carol and Gerry

Awesome product the stars only go to 5 as I would have given it a six.Great product and we will do my cottage this spring.Fantastic product thanks Bearcat and Brian a true professional!!


My husband and I are both professionals and very busy, found your product just amazing as we have no time for these tasks.Thanks for the quick installation and detail your company has shown we greatly appreciate your honesty and professed approach.

Cindy and Gary

I seen your website and I must admit being a contractor and seeing a lot of so called great products,I must say this is a keeper and I will let my roofers know of this.Love the product and it installs easily with no special hardware or tools.Its simple which I like and really works well.Great idea and awesome product,thanks Brian and all the best.


Thanks for taking the time to explain how it works and the home show in Guelph last year was great and the product is simple and works very effectively it really sold me at the show.I am glad I went ahead with this and my wife is happy too!Thanks for insight and love the product and I can love my trees again.



We are a elderly couple and I will not clean troughs no more so we found a interesting flyer telling us on this product.Well it is installed now and we love it as it works great!


I have a large property in Acton with towering birch trees,maple trees,and cedars and it drives me crazy every fall.It was so nice to hear from a trusted friend we know in Acton that highly recommened a company right here in town Bearcat Eavestrough Inserts.I gave them a call they came the next day and within 2 days later I had this awesome product installed.It was a relief to find a great product and a professional group to install this fantastic product.
Thanks Brian great job!


Fantastic product and well priced,should have done it years ago and it will pay for itself sooner than later.I wish I would have known years ago as I have my troughs cleaned twice a year at $120 a pop,$240 a year!Thanks for the peace of mind.


We have a nasty old Oak tree next door and it just creates such a mess every fall.My mom is getting on in years and my Dad has passed so this chore is mine, her son, and I am very busy as well as we all are today and just dislike this chore. I am afraid of heights so it was great to go online and truly find a great product that is not only priced well it is easily 60 percent or more cheaper in price than other products out there.I also like the ease in which this is installed,another reason why it is well priced I am sure.Simple product a simple idea with just amazing results as it pretty much blows away the competition but most of all the important thing it blows away those nasty Oak leaves.
Thanks Bearcat.


I have a lot of leaves in my area and have shopped around for a few years trying to find a product that works best and is priced fairly.There were other products out there that are very expensive and one dimensional until I seen this product at a home show in Brampton last spring.I noticed it did more than just keep leaves out. Everything I read and was told it would do it does, and I highly recommend this to anyone with trees and wasp issues.I have no more birds nest clogging up my downpipes either,thanks Bearcat,thanks Brian,Great product!!!


I recently went to the Acton trunk sale in late September and came across a new product demostration and was quite impressed on its function.I had Brian from Bearcat come out and quote and perform the job.The service and product are outstanding and wish I done this years ago.Love my trees but hate the leaves.Thanks Bearcat.


I was very skeptic for a while with this product,after doing a lot of research and price checking it came out as the best overall choice.Awesome idea fantastic product.
Thanks Bearcat.


I just want to say thankyou to Brian and his crew as they did a fantastic job in demolishing my inground pool and I enjoyed taking all the photos and look forward to seeing them on the website for pool demolitions.If you want a pool demolished look no further, Bearcat is the one.This eavestrough product is also very good indeed.


Thankyou for demolishing my inground pool it was done professionally with no damage to my property.I was very impressed how fast it was completed.Great work and thankyou to Brian and the Bearcat team.I also want to thank Total Tech Pool and spa for refering Bearcat to me.


Thanks for drilling the postholes for my fence and look forward to the eavestrough product in the spring.


This product is great and I was at the spring home show in brampton,Brian was nice and was informative on this incredible design and simple product.It works just great.


Very good product and I have researched the market and the pricing.It is a quality product and cheap compared to other products.


Just a awesome product it is very well priced and the performance is by far the best out there.I literally could have spent thousands more on other designs, fantastic website which was very informative, it sold us!!


Great product great people no need to say anymore as the product sells itself.Well done bearcat and thankyou Brian.


I live very near the olde hide house in Acton and one Saturday in the fall I went to see this new product at the annual trunk sale so I had Brian from bearcat quote me and install this product and it is absolutely brilliant and peace of mine every fall.Well done Bearcat!


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