Eavestrough Inserts by Bearcat

How eavestrough inserts and gutter guards work.

So how do these magical eavestrough inserts work? Well it's actually very simple. Constructed from a special kind of 'foam', the inserts 'fill' your gutters all the way to the top so that there's no space for leaves or other debris to get in. Leaves and twigs simply sit on top to shrivel up in the sun or blow away; but thanks to the special composition of foam and space at the bottom, the water is still absorbed quickly into the cavity and can flow easily to the pipe at the end.

          Because the foam inserts completely fill the cavities of your gutters that means that there's really no space for anything unwanted to get in. That means that they won't just keep out leaves, but will also ward off birds and wasps from nesting in your gutters and even prevent standing water.

More Features:

  • They capacity of our eavestrough inserts is such that they are able to withstand more than ten times normal rainfall in the area.
  • Eavestroughs inserts fit into your existing gutters making them a very cost effective and hassle-free solution.
  • That's also why the inserts won't void your warranty and won't cause any damage to your existing structures. You can also reshingle your roof without worrying about damaging the inserts.
  • The inserts are held firmly in place by hangers or spikes - so there's no chance of them blowing away.
  • The insulating/protecting layer provided by the inserts means you don't need to worry about ice damns or snow damage either.
  • Biocide is built into the inserts meaning that you're also protected against the growth of fungus, mould and mildew. This prevents mosquitos too.
  • With UV protection from the sun rays you don't need to worry about them getting too hot and shrivelling up either.
For all these reasons eavestrough inserts are preferred by contractors everywhere.
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