Eavestrough Inserts by Bearcat

                When you order inserts and installation from Bearcat you get a 20 year guarantee. That demonstrates just how confident we are in our product, but what makes us so sure?

Our eavestroughs are made from exterior-grade polyurethane and come precisely cut for 4'', 5'', 6'' or 'K' style guttering.

                Though highly porous and pliable, this material is also incredibly resistant to stress and deterioration and can withstand even the most severe weather conditions. Meanwhile the inclusion of biocide as a feature of the fibre (common in many synthetics today), means that you'll have permanent protection from mildew, moss and all other fungi.

                Other gutter protection systems may be prone to aging and deterioration, but not ours! In fact, eavestrough inserts will actually improve with age as the sunlight hardens and smooths out the top surface to create a 'shell' of sorts. This doesn't affect the porosity of the inserts, but it does mean the debris will clear off even more easily.

                With our eavestrough inserts then you get a product that is built to last. No more clogged gutters and no more cleaning. Water will pour through with ease, but debris will be discarded with ease. It's that simple and you'll get the same protection in twenty years as you will today.

                Best of all: if our eavestrough inserts ever fail to prevent a blockage, we will provide a free repair, replacement or refund at our discretion. So you really can forget ever having to worry about your guttering!

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