Eavestrough Inserts by Bearcat


Question: What are the benefits of eavestrough inserts?

Answer: Using eavestroughs inserts is one of the most practical and affordable ways to protect your guttering on the market - it won't damage your existing structures and it requires absolutely no maintenance. Despite this ease of use however, this will also offer you the most comprehensive protection available and do much more than just keep leaves out of your gutters downpipes. With our product you'll be able to prevent birds from nesting, avoid mildew and mould - even combat ice damning and snow damage. There is no other system out there that offers the same wide ranging advantages.

Question: What makes your product better than others on the market?

Answer: We offer a 20 year guarantee on our product because it's built to last. In fact your eavestrough inserts should last for over 30 years with no need for maintenance. Our inserts don't rust, crack or freeze and in fact gradual hardening over time actually means they get more effective over time. Compared with stainless steel 'sieve' solutions, inserts are a much more recent technology and has many more benefits - particularly when it comes to the lifespan. Even if your gutter was dented by a falling tree the inert would simply bend to conform to the shape of the indent and would carry on working 100% effectively.

                On top of all this, our solution is also one of the most competitively priced you're likely to come across. Compared to other solutions our inserts are up to 60% cheaper despite lasting much longer. Then there are the other benefits - such as the protection you get against ice and the fact the fact that the inserts can be easily removed when necessary. It really is the most logical option for anyone hoping to avoid blockages and leaks.

Question: What is the lifespan of your product? I have a metal gutter guard  but it has completely rusted after around 16 years of use.

Answer: Our inserts last 30 years and more - and you get a full guarantee for 20 of those.

Question: What is your product made from?

Answer: Bearcat's eavestrough inserts are made using exterior-grade polyurethane which is highly resilient to stress despite being very porous. It also has an embedded biocide component to prevent mould, mildew and fungi from setting up shop and UV protection.

Question: Can your product handle heavy downpours?

Answer: Yes indeed! Our inserts can handle up to ten times the standard volume of rain for the region. Don't believe me? Check out the video demo.

Question: It costs $260 a year for me to clean my eavestroughs. What is my return on investment for this product?

Answer: The cost of installation will vary depending on the size of your roof, but as they prevent your gutters from needing any cleaning you'll have made your money back after around 9-10 years. From that point on it will all be savings - so that 20 x $260 at least. Combine that with the money you save on getting repairs or replacements for your current guttering and that's a lot of cash pocketed.

Question: I know that some systems can make it difficult to install Christmas lights etc., or to add downpipe. Is that the case here?

Answer: Not all, our inserts are highly user friendly. Because they fit inside the gutters they won't have any effect on exterior lighting, and if you should need to they can be easily removed as well.

Question: We have a lot of pine needles in my area, will this be a problem?

Answer: Nope - pine needles will sit on top of the inserts just the same as leaves, and will blow off or decompose over time. This is the case for pretty much anything, including dead mice and rats and it means you can enjoy peace of mind all year round and particularly when you're not by at at the property.

Question: Can Bearcat inserts be removed for maintenance and repair?

Answer: With ease. Each section is 40 inches long, so you can easily remove any part of the gutter protection system without having to take out the whole thing. Installing and uninstalling is a very quick and easy process for anyone to perform.

Question: Will the product prevent wasp and bird nests?

Answer: With our inserts in place you won't have to worry about nests ever again - and the same goes for mosquitos that reside around stagnant water and more. With the cavities filled, there's nowhere for bugs and birds to hide.

Question: What will happen to dead insects and mice?

Answer: Any number of things can happen. They may decompose on the roof, they may get blown away by the wind, or they may fall prey to a passing bird (perhaps the most likely). This is far preferable to having a dead animal stuck in your downpipes or gutters which can create a rancid smell, prevent water from flowing properly, attract insects and be very difficult to deal with.

Question: Will I need to provide any maintenance?

Answer: No. Once you have Bearcat inserts installed you can completely forget about your gutters full stop. Because the inserts completely fill the cavity of your guttering, this mean there's just no way anything can get in there from leaves to pests and vermin.

Question: Why are eavestroughs so important?

Answer: The role of guttering is to direct water away from your home. This is to prevent it from pooling on your roof which can create a leak, from dripping on people down below, from clinging to the tops of your walls and costing you a lot in energy bills (while also creating mould) and from settling around your foundations where it could cause a basement leak or even structural weakness.

Question: How will the inserts perform during winter months?

Answer: This is another great benefit of our inserts. Not only do they reduce the chance of ice damns forming, but they also prevent snow damage by keeping it out of the gutters where the weight could otherwise place a lot of strain on the system.

Question: When do I remove the product?

Answer: There's no need to ever remove the inserts unless you want to. The eavestroughs have a lifespan of 30 plus years and during this time there is no need to handle any maintenance yourself. No need for cleaning and no chance of blockages - once they're in you're set. 

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